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pinky gets smashed

What to Do If You Smashed Your Finger?

Treating Smashed Fingers at Home. Hope it gets better!:) I have acrylic nails on and I smashed my left pinky really hard as I opened a door. My acrylic nail fell off and my finger was burning and pulsing I ignored the pain thinking it would go away soon. I put the acrylic nail back on with super glue and the pain only grew I removed. Just the mention of a finger getting squashed in a door or getting pounded by a hammer is enough to make most people cringe. The throbbing pain of a smashed finger is highly unpleasant, to say the least. Oops! Someone turned off the lights! Just click this icon to restore XVIDEOS to its normal colors, or keep our darker layout if you prefer. Pinky gets smashed Pinky gets smashed Pinky gets smashed

Treating Smashed Fingers at Home

Pinky gets smashed Pinky gets smashed Is there any recommendations please? I am now twenty years old and I still have pain in my finger pinky gets smashed. I hope I can get back to the gym soon: The last time pinky gets smashed happened my older brother had run over my little toe with his chair that he was sitting in. Please email me a response to my questions, many thanks! Today the sides of my finger too have turned blue black and the skin below my nail too has swollen. Currently the nail bed is almost completely black but does not hurt.
Pinky gets smashed Pinky gets smashed
Pinky gets smashed Pinky gets smashed
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